Blog Sale

Blog Sale!!!

Everything must go, so I am willing to negotiate on prices and will especially offer discounts if buying multiple items!!!

Most items are $2.50 for the first item to ship and $.50 for each additional...for U.S. shipping. I am accepting payment through Paypal...payment as a "gift" is preferred, but I will invoice no problem, I will just include the additional fees for that. I will also ship flat rate if cheaper, as I don't want to profit on shipping. Items marked in red are either pending or sold out. Thanks for looking!!

Ciate Sequined Manicure kit in multi-color-$6

Brand new Jindie Nails Limited Edition Barbie's Pink Ferrari-$12

 Brand new:
-Elevation-Mount Cangyan-$10
-Cult Nails-Mazo-$8

 Discontinued & HTF brand new, without box, RBL Insouciant-$45

 Brand new Scofflaw:
-Cloud Cuckoo Land-$7-SOLD
-Love Letter to Bea Arthur-$7-SOLD
-David Bowie's Bulge-$7-SOLD

Discontinued, brand new RBL's:

Top Row-without box:
-Bikini Bottom-$30
-Poco A Poco-$35

Bottom Row-with box:
-Catherine H.-$40

HTF China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out (purchased from someone else as new and have never used appears to have some slight evaporation, but very, very slight)-$12

Brand new mixed lot:

Top Row:

-Brucci-Amelia's Amethyst-$1
-Brucci-Marlene's Gemstone-$1
-Brucci-Heavenly Julia-$1

Middle Row:

-Original Nina Ultra Pro-GlamRock-$2
-Original Nina Ultra Pro-Never Glum Plum-$2
-Original Nina Ultra Pro-Emerald City-$2
-Original Nina Ultra Pro-Maple Syrup-$2

Bottom Row:

-Confetti-Dressed to the 9's-$.50

Brand new mixed lot:

Top Row:

-Butter London-Wallis-$9
-Butter London-No More Waity, Katie-$9
-Butter London-Yummy Mummy-$9
-Butter London-The Black Knight-$9

Middle Row:

-Butter London-Blagger-$9
-Butter London-Trustafarian-$9

Bottom Row:


Brand new Zoya's-$7 each

Brand new mix:

Top Row:

-HTF OPI Black Spotted-$11
-Discontinued & HTF OPI-You Don't Know Jacques Suede-$20

Bottom Row:

-Nars-Purple Rain-$16
-HTF Missha Crystal Nail Polish-HGR01-$6

Brand new mix:

Top Row:

-Discontinued China Glaze-Make a Spectacle-$6
-Maybelline Color Show-Blue Sparkle (no name)-$1

Bottom Row:

-Butter London-Knackered-$9
-Color Club-Cosmic Fate-$6

Brand new China Glaze:

Top Row:

-Dorothy Who?-$3
-Glitter All the Way-$3
-Lubu Heels-$3

Middle Row:

-Some Like it Haute-$3
-Winter Holly-$3
-Flying Dragon (Neon)-$3

Bottom Row:

-Zombie Zest-$3
-No Plain Jane-$3

Brand new China Glaze:

Top Row:

-Peace on Earth-$3
-Jungle Queen-$3
-Instant Chemistry-$3

Middle Row:

-First Mate-$3
-Foie Gras-$3
-Blue Sparrow (Neon)-$3

Bottom Row:

-But of Corpse-$3
-Don't Let the Dead Bite-$3

Brand new Essie's:

Top Row:

-Power Clutch-$3
-Pretty Edgy-$3
-Mint Candy Apple-$3
-Sew Psyched-$3

Middle Row:

-She's Picture Perfect-$3
-Decadent Diva-$3
-Sand Tropez-$3

Bottom Row:

-Dive Bar-$3
-Stroke of Brilliance-$3

Brand new indies:

Top Row:

-Elevation Polish-Mount Feathertop-$6
-Elevation Polish-Haba Xueshan-$6

Bottom Row:

-Different Dimension-Hey You-$6
-Discontinued Lacquistry-Love, Sick Love-$9

Brand new LA Colors-$.50 each or buy lot for $2.50

Top Row:

-Broken Hearted

Middle Row:

-Black Pearl

Bottom Row:


Brand new OPI's:

Top Row:

-Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow-$6
-Stranger Tides-$6
-Discontinued Mermaid Tears-$12
-Original Jade is the New Black-$8
-Discontinued Skull & Glossbones-$8
-Have You Seen My Limo?-$6

Middle Row:

-Liquid Sand Get Your Number-$6
-Liquid Sand Can't Let Go-$6
-HTF DS Original-$45

Bottom Row:

-Mini Liquid Sand Stay the Night-$2
-Mini Spiderman-Number One Nemesis-$2
-Mini Spiderman-Just Spotted the Lizard-$2

Brand new mix:

Top Row:

-Discontinued L'Oreal-LE Silver Sparkle-$3
-Barielle-Jess' Champagne Toast-$3
-Maybelline Color Show-Teal Beam-$2

Bottom Row:

-Original Finger Paints-Be a Pal-ette-$3
-Ulta-Smoke Screen-$2

Brand new mixed lot:

Top Row:

-CND Effects-Copper Pearl-$6
-CND Effects-Emerald Shimmer-$6
-CND Effects-Ice Blue Shimmer-$6

Middle Row:

-Discontinued Kat Von D-Mad Max-$6-SOLD
-Etude House-BL505-$6-SOLD

Bottom Row:

-Deborah Lippman-Across the Universe-$9
-Essence-Miss Universe-$2
-Deborah Lippman-Glitter in the Air-$9

Brand new Milani's:

Top Row:

-One Coat Glitter-Silver Dazzle-$1
-One Coat Gliiter-Twinkle-$1
-One Coat Glitter-Silver Dazzle-$1
-One Coat Glitter-Gold Glitz-$1

Middle Row:

-Discontinued Whimsical-$2
-Jewel FX-Red-$1
-Jewel FX-Gems-$1
-Jewel FX-Gold-$1
-Discontinued Fairy Tale-$2

Bottom Row:

-Discontinued Texture-Shady Gray-$1
-Discontinued Texture-Purple Streak-$1
-Discontinued Texture-Aqua Splash-$1

Brand new Milani's:

Top Row:

-Neon-Fresh Teal-$1
-Neon-Pink Hottie-$1

Bottom Row:

-Purple Passion-$1
-Devoted 2 U-$1
-Raspberry Fusion-$1
**or buy lot for $5**

Brand new Liquid Sky Lacquers-$9 each
-It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere-SOLD
-Toasted Pumpernickel
-Let's Take a Hayride
-Juniper Berries
-Autumn Equinox

Brand new Orly's:
-Liquid Vinyl-$2
-Nite Owl-$3
-Rock Solid-$3
-Bubbly Bombshell-$3

Brand new Pure Ice's:

Top Row:

-French Twist-$2
-Discontinued Deja Vu-$4
-Private Show-$1
-All Night Long-$1

Middle Row:

-Party Hard-$1
-Castle of Dreams-$1
-Discontinued Pardon My French-$3
-Look My Way-$2
-Girl's Best Friend-$2

Bottom Row:

-Discontinued Over You-$4
-Not Now-$2

Brand new Revlon's:

Top Row:

-ColorStay-Rain Forest-$3
-Discontinued Street Wear-Splash-$4

Middle Row:

-Discontinued Galaxy-$3
-Blue Mosaic-$3
-Discontinued Sparkle Aplenty-$3
-Facets of Fuchsia-$3
-Starry Pink-$3

Bottom Row:

-Top Speed-Espresso-$3
-Discontinued Surf-$3
-Discontinued Scented-Mint Gelato-$3
-Plum Night-$3
-Discontinued Star Attraction-Pop Star-$3

Brand new Sally Hansen's:

Top Row:

-Discontinued Salon Perfect-Loves Me Not-$4-SOLD
-Salon Perfect-Gray by Gray-$3
-Discontinued Salon Perfect-Gilded Lily-$4
-Salon Perfect-Summer Plum-$3

Bottom Row:

-Discontinued & HTF Magical Nail Makeup-Blue Aura-$15-SOLD
-Salon-Plum Licorice-$3
-Discontinued & HTF Magical Nail Makeup-Purple Potion-$15-SOLD

Brand new Sally Hansen's:

Top Row:

-Discontinued HD-LCD-$5
-Discontinued HD-DVD-$5
-Discontinued HD-Byte-$5
-Discontinued HD-Spectrum-$5
-Discontinued HD-Laser-$5
-Discontinued HD-Wavelength-$5
**or buy lot for $14**

Middle Row:

-Discontinued Diamond Strength-Ruby Ring-$5
-Diamond Strength-Black Diamonds-$4
-Diamond Strength-Save the Date-$4
-Discontinued Diamond Strength-Multi-Faceted-$5
-Discontinued Diamond Strength-Crystal Beading-$5
**or buy lot for $15**

Bottom Row:

-Discontinued Chrome Nail Makeup-Moonstone Chrome-$3-SOLD
-Discontinued Chrome Nail Makeup-Black Pearl Chrome-$4-SOLD

Brand new Sally Hansen's:

Top Row:

-Discontinued Gem Crush-Be-Jeweled-$2
-Discontinued Xtreme Wear-Purple Pizzazz-$2
-Discontinued Insta-Dri-Uptempo Plum-$2
-Discontinued Gem Crush-Big Money-$2

Bottom Row:

-Discontinued Smooth Perfect Color Care-Satin-$2
-Discontinued Smooth Perfect Color Care-Whisper-$2
-Discontinued Smooth Perfect Color Care-Fog-$2
-Discontinued Smooth Perfect Color Care-Air-$2
-Discontinued Smooth Perfect Color Care-Sea-$2
-Discontinued Smooth Perfect Color Care-Sorbet-$2
**or buy lot for $10**

Brand new mix:

Top Row:

-Sephora-Catch Me-$4

Middle Row:

-Sation-Pyramid Princess-$3
-Sation-3 Free-Dom-$3

Bottom Row:

-NYX Girls-Robotic-$3
-NYX Girls-Gemma-$3
-NYX Girls-Turks and Caicos-$3
-NYX-No Name (Duo-chrome Burgundy/Gold)-$3

Brand new Sinful's:

Top Row:

-Pinky Glitter-$1
-Green Ocean-$1
-Glass Pink-$1

Bottom Row:

-I Love You-$1
-Ciao Bella-$1

Brand new Sephora by OPI's:
-Read My Palm-$5
-Metro Chic-Matte-$5
-If You've Got it, Haunt it-$5
-What's a Tire Jack-Matte-$5
-Leotard Optional-$5
-Caught With My Khakis Down-$5

Brand new mix:

Top Row:

-Orly Bonder-$4

Middle Row:

-Spoiled-Deeper Dive-$1
-Spoiled-Distant Memory-$1
-Spoiled-Use Protection-$1

Bottom Row:

-Salon Perfect-Wicked-$1
-Salon Perfect-Sour Apples-$1
-Salon Perfect-Oil Slick-$1

Brand new Wet 'n' Wild's:

Top Row:

-Megalast-Under Your Spell-$1
-Megalast-Telescope Vision-$1
-Megalast-On the 101-$1
-Megalast-Sea Change-$1

Middle Row:

-Fast Dry-Gray's Anatomy-$.50
-Fast Dry-Party of Five Glitters-$.50
-Fast Dry-Happy Holidaze-$.50

Bottom Row:

-Discontinued Coloricon-Believe Me, It's Real-$4
-Discontinued Coloricon-It's All in the Cut-$4
-Discontinued Coloricon-Cost is No Issue-$4

Brand new Wet 'n' Wild's:

Top Row:

Wild Shine-Caribbean Frost-$1
-Discontinued Flash Dry-Speed-$3

Bottom Row:

-Discontinued Chrome-I Got a New Com-pewter-$2
-Discontinued Chrome-Stay Outta My Bismuth-$2-SOLD

Brand new mix:

Top Row:

-Essence-We Rock the Green-$4
-Essence-Oh My Glitter-$4
-Essence-Date in the Moonlight-$4

Middle Row:

-Kleancolor-Chunky Holo Fuchsia-$2-SOLD
-Kleancolor-Chunky Holo Teal-$2-SOLD

Bottom Row:

-Original Discontinued Fingerpaints-Picasso's Puce-$3
-Original Discontinued Fingerpaints-Art of Theft-$3
-Original Discontinued Fingerpaints-Sketch'y-$3

Brand new China Glaze-$3 each:
-Blue Bells Ring
-Street Chic
-It's a Trap-eze!
-Glitter Goblin
-Concrete Catwalk

Brand new Cirque-$8 each:
-Le Invader
-Electric Circus

Brand new indies:
Top Row:
-Discontinued Cult Nails-Doppelganger-$8
-Discontinued Cult Nails-Happy Ending-$8
-Discontinued Cult Nails-Mayhem-$8

Middle Row:
-Mentality-Matte Holo-$5-SOLD

Bottom Row:
-Polish Addict-Pool Party-$6
-Different Dimension-Squarey Hexy-$6
-Polish Addict-Keep Calm I'm a Polish Addict-$6

Brand new:
Top Row:

Bottom Row:
-Essie-Merino Cool-$3
-Essie-Smokin' Hot-$3

Brand new OPI:
Top Row:
-Bubble Bath-$4
-I Have a Herring Problem-$6
-I Don't Give a Rotterdam!-$6
-Pirouette My Whistle-$6
-Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?-$6

Bottom Row:
-It's My Year-$6
-Ski Teal We Drop-$6
-My Private Jet (non holo version)-$5
-Wooden Shoe Like to Know?-$6

Brand new OPI:
Top Row:
-Russian Navy-$6
-Discontinued & HTF Parlez-Vous OPI?-$20
-DS Jewel-$8
-Yoga-ta Get This Blue!-$6
-Discontinued & HTF Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede-$20

Bottom Row:
-OPI Ink-$6
-Not Like the Movies-$6
-Discontinued & HTF Louvre Me Louvre Me Not-$9
-The World is Not Enough-$6

Brand new Orly-$3 each
-FX Plum Pixel
-Sea Gurl
-Space Cadet-SOLD
-Fowl Play
-Nite Owl

Brand new Revlon-$3 each

Brand new Sally Hansen:
Top Row:
-Discontinued Nail Prisms in Purple Diamond-$4-SOLD
-Black and Blue-$3
-Mermaid's Tale-$3
-Discontinued Nail Prisms in Pink Rose Diamond-$4

Bottom Row:
-Lustre Shine-Moonstone-$2
-Insta Dri-Pronto Purple-$2

Brand new mix:
Top Row:
-Sation-Prettiest Player-$3
-Sation-Calorie Countess-$3
-Sation-Band Beauty-$3
-Sation-Midlife Miss-tress-$3

Bottom Row:
-Color Club-Wish Upon a Rock Star-$3
-Color Club-Glitter Wonderland-$3
-Amour-Rainbow Hologram-$1
-Amour-Major Lazer-$1
-Amour-Rain Glitter-$1

Brand new Ulta:
Top Row:
-Cocktails Anyone?-$2
-Smoke & Mirrors-$2
-Soho Pretty-$2
-Uptown Girl-$2

Bottom Row:
-Fine Pruned-$2

Brand new mix:
Top Row:
-NOPI0Fabulous is My Middle Name-$3
-NOPI-Confetti Fun-$3

Bottom Row:

-Sephora by OPI-Call Your Mother-$5
-Discontinued & HTF Dior-Black Sequins-$28

 Makeup and Miscellaneous Items:

Lightly used Tanda Regenerate Anti-Aging and Acne Light Therapy Treatment Kit with many extras-$125. Includes: Cordless Hand Piece, 1 Red LED Anti-Aging Light, 2 Blue LED Acne Lights, Recharging Stand, Goggles, Anti-Aging Serum and 2 Light-Optimized Cleansers.

-Lightly used La Mer 1 fl.oz The Lifting Face Serum-$75
-Brand new Kate Sommerville 1 fl.oz. Deep Tissue Repair Moisturizer-$55
-Brand new Remede 1.7 fl.oz. Super Oxygenating Booster-$40
-Brand new Freeze 24-7 1.7 oz. Ice Cream Double-Scoop Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer-$50

Discontinued brand new Guerlain Meteorites Powder Brush with case-$25

Brand new, without tags, authentic Burberry Cashmere Check Scarf and matching Ear Muffs-$185 for set 

Brand new and authentic Chloe, with box, case and paperwork, discontinued Chloe CL 2123 C03 Sunglasses in Burgundy-$75 
**Seen on celebrities like Lauren Conrad & Nicole Ritchie**


  1. Hi, I'm interested in:
    Orly Fowl Play - $4
    Hard Candy Beetle - $2
    Butter London Wallis - $8

    Shipping to Canada, let me know if they're still available

  2. Hi Denise, I sent a message about the blog sale to the email address listed on your "Contact me" page. Just posting a comment here in case that wasn't the right way to contact you - let me know if you didn't receive it. Thanks!

  3. Hi if still available can I get Elevation Polish Tindur, Narasuk and Maroon Bells. I'll gift paypal or invoice. Let me know. Still looking. Thanks

  4. Hi! Is NARS Arabian Nights still available? Please email me at askanasiangirl at gmail dot com.

    1. I also left an email to your Yahoo "contact me" email asking about both NARS Orpheus and Arabian Nights...also, is the Coach wallet still available, as well?

  5. and do you still have NARS Orpheus available? Thanks!!!

  6. I'd like the following to Canada, please email me at to let me know what's still available.

    Butter London-$10 each:
    -Diamond Geezer
    -Primrose Hill Picnic

    Chanel June (missing outer cap and swatched)-$14
    chanel orange fizz $15


  7. Hi! I'm interested in your Catherine Arley's:
    -676 (Light Silver)
    -667 (Dark Silver)
    -805 (Black)
    & possibly your Revlon Royal. Would you do free shipping for those?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi there!
      Can you please e-mail me Thanks!!

    2. Hi there again!
      If you are still interested in purchasing these items, please email me and let me know.

  8. I'm interested in your BL Fairy Cake. If it's still available, I will probably find more from your list that I want. But the FC is the main one I want. PLMK. Thanks! :)

    1. Hi there!
      Yes, it is still available and I will hold it for you. Please e-mail me to let me know what other items you would like. Thanks!!

    2. Hi there!
      I am still holding BL Fairy Cake for you, so please e-mail me and let me know if you're still interested. I will stop holding it if I don't hear back from you today.

  9. Hi I'm interested in:
    OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest
    ChG For Audrey
    Essie Boxer Shorts
    Just confirming that shipping to Canada would be $5.50?
    Please email me! (

    1. Hi there!
      Yes, that's right and they're all yours!! I'll send you an e-mail right now with my info.

  10. OPI Parlez-vous OPI
    OPI Pamplona Plum
    NOPI Smile For The Glamera

    How much with shipping to zip code 99212?
    Thanks in advance!

  11. Hey there,

    How much would the Jewelmint Desert Rose Necklace be shipped to Australia?

  12. I'd love to get Orly Angel Eyes and Lac Attack Milky Way! If they're still available, please send the invoice to

    1. Hi Sabrina!
      They are and I'll invoice you right now. Just please leave me your shipping info when you pay the invoice.


  13. HI
    i am in the uk and am very interested in a lot of your polishes as they are unavailable over here! maybe we can do a deal depending on postage cost?
    ive got quite a long list of polishes i would like so please email me at:
    with an international postage quote (flat rate) to the uk and depending on the stand parcel cost i'll send you via email which polishes i would like.

  14. Hi, I'd be interested in Pahlish Train Underwater; shipping to Canada. Please send invoice to mrsrexy at gmail dot com if still avail!


    1. Hi there!

      Yes, it is still available! Shipping would be $4.50 and the polish is $7. I will send you an invoice right now and just please message me @ and let me know where to send your package.


  15. Hi I would like the Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar frosting, sally girl sparkle effects loose glitter,nopi rainbow in the s-kylie, maybelline le auburn blaze, sinful magnetic captivate me, and NOPI your S-teal the one are these still available?

    1. Hi there!

      Yes, they are all still available!! Please e-mail me and I'll figure out the total with shipping.


  16. Hi -- I would love to buy OPI's Here today Aragon tomorrow, butter London's Queen Vic & Scuppered. Email is


  17. PS -- is Max Factor fantasy fire still available????? (fingers crossed)


  18. Hi there!

    All of those are still available and I'm sending you an e-mail right now.


  19. Is your blog sale still active? I sent an email yesterday requesting some polishes but haven't heard back, so I just wanted to check. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kathryn!

      Yes, it is!! I didn't get your message...I'm so sorry!! I might have accidentally deleted it or something..not sure. Do you mind


    2. Cool. I resent the email - here's hoping it doesn't get lost in the Webiverse again :-)

  20. Hi! I'm interested in a few polishes...

    Lacquistry Cotton Candy
    KBShimmer Radio active
    China Glaze Immortal

    Will you email me at Thank you!

  21. Hey! I'm interested in

    -Nars blush in Exhibit-A (swatched)-$8
    -Nars Blush in Silvania (swatched)-$8
    -Brand new Nars Blush in Gina-$8

    Are they still available? And what's the best price with shipping to Germany?

    Please email me:


  22. Hi, is the Flirt blush in Aloha still available?
    Please email me at

    Thank you! :)

  23. Hello!
    I am interested in Lac Attack one of a kind, Pahlish Candy & Ronnie, and the Jewelmint Humanity II bracelet...are these still available? Please let me know! My email address is kkryzwick0810 @ (without the spaces). Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!

  24. Il ltake i loveNP golden orchid and dollish polish dark elf! My email is

    1. Are you still interested in purchasing these? If not, please let me know.


  25. Lilacquer-Antimatter of Opinion-$3
    P & P -Jealous-$3
    -Elevation-The Arches of Sunset (disco'd)-$10
    Gelous Glitter Top Coat-$4 each

    1. Hi there!

      They are all still available! The total is $22 for everything and $5 for shipping. You can send payment as a gift to: Goldie_98_99 AT or I can invoice you..let me know which you prefer and your mailing address.


    2. Are you still interested in purchasing? If not, please let me know, so I can mark the items as not pending.


  26. Hi I am interested in a bunch of stuff

    -LE Sinful-Sugar Rush-$1

    revlon whimsical 3

    -loreal infalliable LE With a Twist-$4 and strawberry blonde $4

    shrimp on the barbie
    are mermaids real

    Wet n wild megalast
    -Luck a l'Orange
    Split Pea Soup
    -Retro Mint
    -Rebel in Love
    -Lemon Drop

    Jewelmint rapunzel ring $20

    How much would this be with flat rate shipping? You can email me at and that is the email you can also invoice at Thanks!!

  27. Hi, i'll take all Fuzzy Coats for a tenner, plus shipping to the UK. Please let me know how much would be the shipping. :)

    justasachildof10mightact at gmail

  28. How much would it be for Kleancolor Holiday Jingle, one of the Gelous topcoats plus shipping to the UK? I also really want Sally Hansen Fuzzy Fantasy but can see someone else has asked for it - if that falls through please add that to my total!

    I can be contacted on



  29. Hi there! I am interested in:

    -Lilacquer-Antimatter of Opinion-$3
    -Nail Fetish- Icon-$3

    Please let me know if any are available.. thank you! :)

  30. Hello there, I am interested in the following:

    -Essie The Girls Are Out
    -Essie First Timer
    =China Glaze When Stars Collide

    Please let me know if these are still available. :)

  31. Hi :)

    I know it says pending, but if the first buyer(s) backs out, I'm interested in getting:

    -Jewelmint Fine Tune Necklace
    -Jewelmint Humanity II Bracelet

    If they're still up for purchase, please let me know, I'd love to get them (and I will probably add a few polishes, should the items above be available).

    My email is If you need anything else, do let me know. Thank you!

  32. Essie-Lapis of Luxury-$4
    L'Oreal Jelly's-$4 each:
    -Creme de Mint
    -Bubble Trouble
    Berry Nice
    Joico Design 3.7 oz. Dry Spray Wax-$5

    Will you do 21 shipped, gifted from paypal? Thanks! jackytheripper[at]

  33. Hi, I sent an email to you about

    China Glaze -Hologlam in When Stars Collide-$4
    China Glaze - First Mate - $3
    Essie - Check-up- $4

    and I didn't hear from you, do you rather have contact here or email? Are these still for sale?

  34. Hi there, interested in Sweet Sienna & Your ladyship. Are they still available? How much shipped to 33126? Could you email me more pics to Thanks

    1. also, Carol's Daughter 8 fl.oz. Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner for dry hair (80% full)-$4


  35. Essie Naughty Nautical
    Essie Rock the Boat
    EssieSunday Funday
    Essie Full Steam Ahead
    LE Milani Sprinkles
    LE Milani Creamy Pistachio
    MAC Gilt by Association

  36. Hi! I would like:
    -Brand new By Terry VIP Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush-#102 Natural Light
    -Brand new By Terry VIP Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush-#104 Sandy Light
    -Dior Quint- Mystic Smokys

    My email address is . Please let me know if you need anything else from me. Thanks!

  37. Hello I would like

    Eve Lom Starter Collection
    Chantecaille 1.7 fl.oz. Water Flower Fluid

  38. Hey I am interested in a couple of items in your blog sale, are they still avaliable? My email id is

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Lancome Color Design-Waif (swatched)-$5
    -Discontinued Maybelline Great Lash-Pop of Purple (sealed/never opened)-$3
    Nyx Eyeshadow Base-$3
    Illamasqua-Angst (swatched)-$9

  41. Can I please get the following please shipped to 28079 - NC...Invoice me at

    MAC Graphology
    MAC Anti-Establish

    Thank you!

  42. Just received my items today. Love them! Arrived fast and in great condition! Can't wait to order more (:

  43. Hi,

    Would you be able to give me a postage quote to Australia for the following items:
    NOPI Candy is Dandy
    Essie Cute as a Button
    nicole by poi Selena
    Deborah Lippmann-My Romance


  44. Hi ,

    Will you be able to ship the following products to India :

    Essie Set In Stones.
    Essie Go Ginza.
    Essie Cascade Cool.
    Murad Acne Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel.
    Bath & Body Works Anti Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion In Vanilla Bean.
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum.
    John Master's Organic Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer.

    Awaiting a favourable reply.

    My email id:


  45. I just wanted to let you know that my package arrived safe and sound. It was packaged neatly and got her quickly. I will definitely keep your blog bookmarked and check for new items you might be selling. It was a pleasure doing business with you.. You're very kind! Thank you! <3

  46. Hi, I'm interested in a few polishes

    Funky Fingers Peacock Portrait
    Sally Hansen Royal Icing
    The whole Rimmel Cocktail Colours Collection

    My email is


  47. Hello, I'm just wondering whether all these polishes are still available (they are all essie :D)

    -Butler Please
    -Lapis of Luxury
    -Bikini So Teeny
    -Mint Candy Apple
    -Where's My Chauffeur
    -Turquoise & Caicos
    -Cascade Cool
    -Madison Ave-hue
    -Play Date
    -Mod Square
    -Tart Deco
    -Cute as a Button
    -The More the Merrier
    -Boom Boom Room
    -Big Spender
    -Mojito Madness

    if you could please send me a quote (to be delivered to Australia) via this email -

    Thank you! :D

  48. How much to post the Nars duos to the Philippines in a document package? :)

  49. Hey!

    I'd love to buy the following polishes from you if still available:

    OPI Glints of Glinda
    Sally Hansen Fuzzys: Tweedy, Wool Lite, All Yarned Up, Fuzz-Sea
    Milani Totally Cool

    Shipping would be to Germany.
    I'd be thrilled to hear from you! My email is schneevante at vollbio dot de

    Also, if you're interested in a swap, I'd be ready to give away Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction or The Quantum Bluniverse!
    Let me know!

  50. I see that Essie Sunday Funday is pending, but not red. Did that sale fall through?

  51. I know there is now way that this is still up but, do you still have Zombie Zest and Parlez Vous Opis available?

  52. Hi, I'm probably at least 3 years too late but do you still have Different Dimension hey You and Squarey Hexy?
    I'm in the UK so would have to be international postage.

    I'll email you on the address you've given up there as well.